Holding China Accountable

Ensuring Free and Fair Trade to Put Americans First

America First Policies believes that trade will raise living standards for Americans and promote job creation and innovation in the United States only if all nations and companies obey the law and abide by international trade rules. China has consistently violated the agreements it made when it joined the World Trade Organization. The Chinese government has stolen American technology, hacked American military and trade secrets, forced companies doing business in China to surrender technology, and illegally subsidized Chinese government-owned companies that compete with American companies. China dumps steel and aluminum on world markets at below-market prices. The Chinese government seeks to control key industries and technologies that will determine the economic future of the U.S. The United States must use every means at its disposal to punish those who violate our laws and the rules of the international trading system. That includes imposing tariffs and limiting Chinese investments in the U.S. The future survival of the United States, our values and our way of life is at stake.

Watch Senior Policy Advisor Curtis Ellis' interview with Michael Pillsbury, China expert and policy advisor with America First Policies. Pillsbury served in the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations and is the author of numerous books on China, including The Hundred-Year Marathon: China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower.   

This interview took place in February 2015, but its message rings true today: For too long, the United States has played an unwitting, and at times deliberate, role in helping the Chinese government build a flourishing economy, much to our detriment. The time has come for the U.S. to take a more competitive stance with this major global competitor and put our national security interests first. 

The Facts:

  • China is on the U.S. Government’s Priority Watch List for violations of intellectual property rights, including coercive technology transfer requirements, secret theft, rampant online piracy and counterfeiting, and high levels of physical pirated and counterfeit exports to markets around the globe.
  • Intellectual-property theft costs America up to $600 billion a year. China is responsible for most of that loss.
  • China’s authorities pressure foreign companies to transfer technology as a condition for doing business in China.
  • China pursues industrial policies that promote and support domestic industries while harming foreign counterparts. This is contrary to the market-based principles fundamental to WTO agreements.
  • China is responsible for nearly half of world steel production.
  • global surplus of steel drives down prices and hurts steel producers around the world.
  • China illegally subsidizes aluminum foil producers and dumps aluminum into the U.S. at below market prices.
  • The US has charged five Chinese military officers with using cyber espionage to steal information from American companies.


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