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Putting America’s heroes first.

America First Policies recognizes the need for an immediate overhaul of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Lack of proper oversight, inaccessibility, bad employees, and never-ending wait times have aggravated a crisis in delivering crucial services to our veterans. Appropriate steps must be taken to ensure our men and women in uniform who proudly served this country have easy access to the timely world-class care that they deserve.

The Facts:

  • 20.4 million Americans were veterans in 2016 according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • More than 9 million veterans receive care from the VA health system.
  • The Veterans Health Administration consists of more than 1,240 healthcare facilities and is the largest integrated care system in the country.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs proposed a budget of $198.6 billion for the 2019 fiscal year, a $12.1 billion increase from the prior year.
  • According to a 2015 VA Inspector General report, 307,000 veterans may have died awaiting Veterans Affairs health care.
  • 20 veterans commit suicide every day according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Some watchdog groups estimate this number to be even higher.
  • Veterans are 22% more likely to be at risk for suicide compared to non-veterans.
  • The highest suicide rate for veterans is among older adults. In 2014, almost 65% of veterans who committed suicide were age 50 or older.
  • Veterans suffer from PTSD at a much higher rate than members of the general public. According to the VA, 30% of Veterans who served in Vietnam will experience PTSD at some point in their lifetime.


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