November 07, 2018

Border Wall Funding Fight Erupts, $5 Billion Or Government Shutdown

With the congressional midterm elections over, the bitter battle to fund President Trump’s border wall kicks into high gear today with the administration and congressional Republicans seeking $5 billion and threatening a partial government shutdown Dec. 8 if the funding stalls.

Already expecting $1.6 billion of the needed $25 billion to complete the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, the fight that was delayed due to the election will be over swelling that to $5 billion. 

The president’s supporters are already making the case for the money and calling on wall backers to press Congress to act.

The pro-Trump group America First Policies is running an ad on Fox over the next two weeks that supports the president’s efforts.

“President Trump is winning for America. Our economy booming. More Americans working than ever before. Record low unemployment. Wages on the rise. New trade deals that put America first. Historic Middle Class tax cuts,” said the ad, provided to Secrets.

"But President Trump isn’t done yet. Now it’s time to build the wall, secure our border and keep American families safe. Congress needs to support our president,” adds the ad from the influential and well-funded group.

While Congress has pushed through about 75 percent of government funding bills, some, like Homeland Security, which will lead the wall effort, has not had its appropriations bill passed. Congressional leaders and the president agreed to wait until after the election to tackle that because of his threat to some of the unfunded functions of government down if he doesn’t get the money.

Also unclear is whether the president will demand all of the $25 billion in the negotiations. "The wall is necessary," Trump said during a noon press conference. "We need it."

The incoming Democratic majority in the House may pose a problem for passage, but is also likely to prompt Republicans to unify to approve the money.

What’s more, congressional insiders said that even with a split Congress, Trump may be able to trade for more wall funding next year.

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