November 05, 2017

Conservative Groups Pledge Tens of Millions to Help Trump, GOP Deliver Tax Reform by Christmas

Conservative advocacy groups have pledged to spend millions over the next several weeks to help the Trump administration and congressional Republicans pass a sweeping tax reform bill by their self-imposed Christmas deadline, a feat that would give the GOP a much-needed boost before the 2018 midterm elections.

Several free-market groups began launching pro-tax reform ads in late summer, urging Republican lawmakers to turn their attention away from the increasingly intense debate over repealing Obamacare and toward producing legislation that guarantees tax relief for middle-class Americans and the businesses community.


Following the House tax plan rollout, the White House-sanctioned group America First Policies announced that it, too, plans to spend millions to promote the legislation throughout November. Erin Montgomery, a spokesperson for the group, confirmed to the Washington Examiner that its push will include a series of digital and TV ads featuring former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

“Americans need to get behind President Trump’s plan to get our economy moving again,” Lewandowski, who joined America First in mid-August, says in the group’s debut ad. “The special interests will do anything to stop us. We can’t let them.”

Several of the ads will run in Northeastern districts represented by GOP members who have criticized a provision that would eliminate state and local tax deductions, which have traditionally benefited upper-to-middle-income earners in high-tax states.

The planned ad blitz by America First comes weeks after key donors to the Trump-aligned group gathered in Texas to devise a plan to flood the airwaves and pressure Senate Democrats to support tax reform in order to get a bill passed by the end of the year.

The group has also launched a website that is meant to serve as a “mechanism through which we can urge voters to call their leaders in Congress,” Montgomery said.


“We need tax cuts and we need healthcare,” the president said at a Cabinet meeting last month. “We are not getting the job done and I’m not going to blame myself.”

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