October 18, 2017

Poll: 42 Percent of North Dakotans Say They’re Less Likely to Vote for Heitkamp if She Opposes Trump Tax Plan

Will Senator Heidi Heitkamp back President Donald Trump on tax reform?

Her ride on Air Force One to the President’s event in North Dakota a few weeks back made national headlines. She also reportedly attended a dinner with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner at which tax reform was the topic of discussion.

That Heitkamp is so open to working with President Trump, despite getting criticism from fellow North Dakota Democrats, may have something to do with how popular President Trump’s calls for reform are among her constituents.

According to a poll commissioned by America First Policies, some 62 percent of North Dakotans are dissatisfied with the current federal tax system and 42 percent say they’d be less likely to vote for Senator Heitkamp if she fails to support Trump’s reforms.

Here are the top line results for those two questions. The full top line results are below. You can read the crosstabs for the poll here. It was conducted September 21-24 and included 400 respondents.


North Dakota is a strongly pro-Trump state, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that Trump’s plans for tax reforms are popular here. So much so that it’s extremely politically risky for Heitkamp to oppose them.

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