April 23, 2018

Pro-Trump Group Launches Media Blitz To Urge Trump-State Dems To Vote For Pompeo

Pro-Trump group America First Policies is spending major dollars to urge Senate Democrats in states President Donald Trump won to vote to confirm Mike Pompeo as secretary of state.

The ads will encompass TV, radio, and digital in Missouri, West Virginia, and Indiana with television ads appearing on the Fox News Channel beginning Monday through Thursday. The ads are specifically intended to urge Sens. Claire McCaskill, Joe Donnelly, and  Joe Manchin to vote for Pompeo.

All three Democrats have not yet indicated whether they will vote to confirm the CIA director as the next secretary of state. Pompeo is set to be voted out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with an unfavorable recommendation after Republican Sen. Rand Paul pledged to oppose his nomination, joining Democrats on the committee.

The unfavorable recommendation to the Senate floor however is unlikely to sink Pompeo’s nomination. “I am not concerned, Mike Pompeo will be confirmed by the Senate next week,” Senator Tom Cotton told reporters Friday.

“CIA Director Mike Pompeo is unquestionably qualified to be our next Secretary of State. A diplomat of strength and resolve, Director Pompeo has already done a great deal to strengthen our alliances and confront our adversaries, including North Korea, head-on. It’s time for these senators to put aside partisan politics and vote to confirm Mike Pompeo’s nomination as Secretary of State. The safety and security of the American people depend on it,” America First communications director Erin Montgomery told TheDC in a statement.

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