January 12, 2018

Trump’s First Year: Historically Good for America

President Trump’s stature is only growing in the eyes of the people responsible for American job creation and wage growth.

No matter what spin the media put on the first year of the new administration, the numbers don’t lie. What began as a Trump rally in November 2016 has turned into the Great American Economic Renaissance.

Since Trump was elected, the stock market has skyrocketed to never-before-seen highs, setting records and creating $5 trillion in wealth for pensions, retirement and savings accounts.

The economy’s ongoing expansion already is the third-longest in U.S. history, with a chance to surpass the record set by the 1990s economic boom.

American businesses have created nearly 1.5 million new jobs this year, as the economy expanded by at least 3 percent for two quarters in a row after eight years of lackluster growth.

We are seeing a turning of the tide in public opinion, especially with our tax code overhaul expected to increase the pace of growth.

The president is doing exactly what he promised during his campaign: Make America Great Again.

Our nation’s business leaders can clearly see the impact of his efforts to slash government regulations, restore the balance of trade and unleash American prosperity.

An important byproduct of the president’s work in his first year is shoring up America’s relationships with its allies. Trump’s America First energy policy has freed domestic producers to export more of our rising supply of crude oil to customers around the world, allowing oil buyers to avoid patronizing hostile regimes.

These strengthened ties will make the world a safer place, emboldening investors to continue contributing to our nation’s historic economic growth.

Trump’s first year in office has been revelatory, showing everyone who is paying attention what his policies can do to spur the American economy. But the best is yet to come.

We still have at least three more years, and hopefully as many as seven, to enjoy the fruits of the president’s labor: a resurgent economy that will create new jobs, higher wages and unprecedented prosperity for all Americans.

-- Harold Hamm, Board of Directors of America First Policies

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