May 08, 2018

America First Policies Drops $500,000 To Support Gina Haspel As CIA Director

This Wednesday, America First Policies is launching a $500,000 issue advocacy initiative encouraging West Virginians to call Senator Joe Manchin and urge him to vote “yes” on Gina Haspel's nomination to be CIA Director.

To view the ad, click here.

The issue advocacy initiative will include broadcast, cable, digital and calls to citizens. 

 “Gina Haspel is an exceptional nominee with the record of service that America can be proud of.  The bipartisan support she has received by leaders of our national security infrastructure reflect the deep respect for her service to America and the proven leadership she will provide in defending our nation,” stated Brian O. Walsh, president of America First Policies.  “Senator Manchin needs to rise above the partisan fray and put the security of America first.”

 The New York Post Editorial Board noted, “Haspel would be not only the first woman to head the CIA, but also the first career officer in 52 years to rise through the ranks directly to the director’s chair. Little wonder that she’s won the enthusiastic support of past CIA directors from both parties … She has headed four CIA stations across the globe, been a senior official in the CIA’s Russia operation, held several top roles in the division responsible for covert operations and, post-9/11, was a senior-level supervisor in counterterrorism. Her integrity — and, significantly, her political impartiality — are unchallenged … Gina Haspel, quite simply, is one of Trump’s most capable and distinguished appointments. She deserves quick confirmation — without partisan theatrics,”

America First Policies support for Haspel was first highlighted by Axios.


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