June 22, 2017

America First Policies Releases New Ad, “Shaken”

America First Policies today released its latest ad, “Shaken,” which features a smattering of angry and frustrated media outlets and celebrities who are “waging an all-out war” against President Donald Trump and his policies, and calls on the president’s supporters to continue making their voices heard, despite the liberal establishment that seeks to drown them out.

The launch of the ad comes on the heels of a historic election Tuesday night, when Georgians in the state’s 6th Congressional District elected Republican candidate Karen Handel to the seat left open by Congressman Tom Price, now Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. In the most expensive U.S. House race in history, Handel’s opponent, Democrat Jon Ossoff, was the beneficiary of millions of dollars in donations by Hollywood celebrities and others who hoped for a damning referendum on the Trump presidency. Handel is the first Republican woman from Georgia to be elected to Congress. 

As Ms. Handel took the stage Tuesday night to address her supporters, she took a moment to thank a special supporter, President Trump, and the crowd began chanting his name.

“We at America First Policies congratulate Karen Handel on her hard-fought victory and were proud to play a role in supporting her campaign,” said Brian Walsh, president of America First Policies, the nonprofit organization supporting President Trump’s key policy initiatives. “We are also proud to share with you our latest ad, ‘Shaken,’ which is no doubt how the liberal elite—from Hollywood to Washington—are feeling right now in the wake of another devastating defeat.”

Walsh added, “The American people spoke last November. The people of Kansas spoke in April. The people of Montana spoke last month. Now, the people of South Carolina and Georgia once again sent a clear message to the liberal elite: You do not represent us, or our values. It is time to end the obstruction and the resistance, and work with President Trump to put America First.”



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