June 27, 2017

America First Policies Releases Anticipated Ads Aimed at Senator Dean Heller of Nevada

America First Policies today released television and radio ads urging Senator Dean Heller of Nevada to vote “yes” on the U.S. Senate’s health care bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act, which is scheduled for a vote this week.

The TV and radio ads will run in Nevada in the days before the vote, and the message is clear: “Call Senator Heller. Tell him America needs him to keep his promise: Vote ‘yes’ to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Brian Walsh, president of America First Policies, said the following upon the ad’s release:

“In 2012, Senator Heller said, ‘This onerous law needs to be repealed and replaced with market-based reforms that will provide greater access, affordability, and economic certainty to our nation.’ We agree, and that time is now. There is no excuse for any Republican or Democrat to oppose the Senate health care bill outright, when Obamacare is collapsing and putting the American people in crisis. Instead of putting this bill in jeopardy, undermining those Senators still working toward a solution and abandoning the commitment he and every other elected Republican has made to the American people, Senator Heller needs to find a way to get to ‘yes’ and keep this process moving.”

Walsh also pointed to a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, which encourages Senator Heller to get to yes:

“Some Senators can’t be placated on substance and they may decide that defeating the bill is better for them politically. This is pure fantasy. Democrats won’t ease their opposition to Nevada’s Dean Heller in 2018 if he votes no. They’ll double their investment against him as Mr. Heller’s political base sours on him. When you face a tough political choice, better to stick with your friends than bet on the kindness of political enemies.”

The Heller ads come on the heels of a larger, 18-state blitz to pass the health care bill.

To learn more about the Heller ad, read Politico’s exclusive.


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