March 12, 2018

America First Policies Takes “Tax Cuts to Put America First” Tour to Ohio

America First Policies made its sixth stop on its "Tax Cuts to Put America First" tour last Friday, March 9, at the InterContinental Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The series, "Tax Cuts to Put America First," features guest speakers discussing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act--signed into law by President Donald J. Trump in December 2017.

Friday's event began with a greeting by America First's president, Brian O. Walsh, and featured a panel with U.S. Congressmen Jim Renacci (R-OH, CD-16) and Bob Gibbs (R-OH, CD-7). The panel discussed how the tax legislation is affecting Ohio residents, families, and businesses, and the nation as a whole. The panel was moderated by Curtis Ellis, senior policy advisor for America First Policies. 

U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH, CD-4) introduced Vice President Mike Pence, who addressed the impact of the tax cuts on Ohio families, who, on average, can now keep $2,300 more of their own hard-earned money each year, thanks to the new law.

"Businesses all across the Buckeye State have already announced plans to pay their workers more handout bonuses and hire more people and open new locations," said the Vice President, who cited two Cleveland-based manufacturing companies, Jergens and Elsons International, that have already announced pay raises and bonuses, respectively, as a direct result of the new tax law. 

To view the Vice President’s full remarks, click here.

Learn more about the event from WCPN 90.3


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