August 02, 2017

Survey Reveals Large Majority of Voters Dissatisfied with Federal Income Tax System, Support a Fairer and Simpler Approach

A recent national survey commissioned by America First Policies reflects the American voters’ dissatisfaction with the country’s federal income tax system.

The survey shows that 66 percent of American voters are dissatisfied with the current federal income tax system. Dissatisfaction is widespread with at least six in ten voters in each of the partisan voter segments registering their disapproval (Republicans 75%; Independents 66%; Democrats 61%). In addition, 82 percent of all voters polled believe tax reform needs to be passed. 

“Our polling reveals that our burdensome and badly broken tax system is truly a bipartisan concern,” said Brian O. Walsh, president of America First Policies. “The survey also shows that a majority of voters do see a solution in the proposed tax reform plans being discussed by Congress and the White House.”

According to the poll, what voters like most about the current tax reform proposal is that it will make the tax code simpler and fairer, while providing relief for working families and encouraging job creation. Specific elements and impacts of tax reform that voters find most appealing are:

  • Making the tax code simpler, fairer, and flatter, so that it’s not only easier to do your taxes, but it’s also easier to have peace of mind at critical moments, whether it’s going to school, getting a job, raising a family, or planning for retirement (83% favor).
  • Providing tax relief for families with child and dependent care expenses (83% favor).
  • Maintaining as tax deductions the interest on homeowner mortgages, charitable giving, and retirement savings (84% favor).  
  • Delivering a 21st-century American tax code that is built for growth—the growth of families’ paychecks, the growth of local businesses, and the growth of our economy as a whole (80% favor).
  • Modernizing the tax code to encourage corporations to stay in America and create new jobs at home, and will even encourage foreign companies to relocate here (84% favor).
  • Clearing out the bureaucracy by doing away with all the rules, regulations, forms, and instructions that won’t be needed with a simpler, fairer tax code (69% favor).
  • Raising wages for American workers and create nearly 2 million full-time jobs in the United States (76% favor).  

“This data shows that voters want a simpler, fairer tax code that benefits American families, American workers, and American businesses,” added Walsh. 

Survey Methodology: Survey was conducted between June 25-28, 2017, among N = 1,202 Registered Voters using a split-sample of 1/3 Landline, 1/3 Cell phone, and 1/3 Internet. Margin of error: +2.8%

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