October 18, 2017

Survey Reveals North Dakotans Are Dissatisfied With Current Tax System

A recent survey conducted in North Dakota by America First Policies reflects voters’ dissatisfaction with the country’s federal income tax system.

The survey shows that more than 6 in 10 of all likely voters in North Dakota (62 percent) are dissatisfied with the current federal income tax system. Of these, 36 percent are strongly dissatisfied.

“Our polling reveals that tax reform is a pivotal issue to Americans nationwide. In states like North Dakota, voters are keeping a close eye on their leaders in Congress and expecting them to support a tax reform plan that provides much-needed relief to middle- and working-class families,” said Brian O. Walsh, president of America First Policies. 

According to the poll, dissatisfaction with the current federal income tax system is driven by key voter groups, including:

  • Men (67% dissatisfied), especially Republican and Conservative men (77% and 74%, respectively)
  • Republicans (73%)
  • Moderate Women (71%)
  • Moderate Independents (71%)
  • Moderate Democrats (59%)
  • Hispanic/Latinos (71%)
  • Individuals ages 45-54 (78%)
  • Individuals ages 55-64 (61%)

When respondents were asked if they would be more likely or less likely to vote for Senator Heitkamp if she opposed President Trump’s tax reform package, 42 percent of voters stated that they would be less likely to vote for Senator Heitkamp if she opposed tax reform. Of these, 27 percent would be “much less likely.”

Additionally, there is widespread support for President Trump's plan to allow families and businesses to dedicate a percentage of their taxes to fund education scholarships for low- and middle-income families, allowing them to send their children to the school of their choice. A strong majority (64%) of likely voters support this. Support is driven by men (70%), especially men ages 18-44 (82%), conservative men (81%), Independent men (76%), Republican men (81%), conservative Republicans (81%), moderate Independents (81%), Trump supporters (77%), and conservative Democrats (68%).

Survey Methodology: North Dakota Tax Reform Quantitative Research Benchmark was conducted between September 21-24, 2017, among N = 400 Likely 2018 Voters using a split-sample of 1/2 Landline, 1/4 Cell phone, and 1/4 Internet. Margin of error: +/- 4.9%

Visit the Say Anything Blog, based in North Dakota, to read more about the poll.


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