August 31, 2017

Tax Reform Research Results: A Simplified Tax System That Helps the Middle Class Get Ahead

Recent focus groups and a national survey commissioned by America First Policies reflect American voters’ support for a simpler and fairer tax system that will directly help the middle class to keep more of their hard-earned money.

The survey, a follow-up to an earlier tax poll conducted in June, shows that 61% of American voters remain dissatisfied with the current federal income tax system.

When asked the open-ended question of why they are dissatisfied, respondents cited loopholes and paying too much in taxes as the biggest reasons for their disappointment.

In focus groups conducted in Ohio and Florida in August, respondents repeatedly used the words “simpler,” “fairer,” and “streamlined” when describing what they want to see in a revamped tax system.

“You need an advanced degree to navigate the tax code,” said one survey participant, Nancy from Columbus, Ohio.

“I favor lowering taxes for businesses, [so that we can] keep jobs in the United States,” said Martha from Tampa, Florida.

Additionally, key findings from an August national survey included:

  • Voters want lower taxes for ordinary, middle-class American families: More than 7 in 10 voters (71%) believe the middle class can get ahead when they save money, as well as have more funds for the things they need, like medicine, school supplies, and clothing. They can save money when we reduce the amount of taxes they have to pay to the federal government.
  • Voters believe our tax system is archaic: 72% of respondents agreed with the statement “Our current tax system is archaic, and streamlining the tax code will make the process easier to understand, and more transparent to the average American.”
  • Simpler is better: 68% of respondents agreed with the statement “Simplifying our tax code will make it easier for millions of Americans to file their own taxes using just one sheet of paper.”

“The American people are tired of the complex and archaic tax code and understand that a simpler, fairer tax code will deliver jobs and economic opportunity for ordinary, middle-class Americans,” said Brian O. Walsh, president of America First Policies.

Survey Methodology: Survey was conducted between August 16 – 18, 2017, among N = 1,200 Registered Voters using a split-sample of 1/3 Landline, 1/3 Cell phone, and 1/3 Internet. Margin of error: + 2.8% 

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